4thWall Virtual will always listen to your business challenges and help you find the most cost effective and innovative solution for your needs.

4thWall Virtual has in-depth experience in working with the powerful gaming technology platform Unity. Using the Unity platform we can create exciting applications for serious games and mobile devices. Serious games are now widely used for training scenarios in Education, Industry and Health and Safety awareness. We develop mobile and web apps for the iOS and Android platforms and can integrate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality features within our apps. 4thWall has also developed its own Content Managed System (CMS ) that allows the customer to update their apps with live data. If you have an idea you wish to develop or immediate requirements then please get in touch here and we will guide you through the process.

Our team has extensive knowledge to create mobile and web applications that will enhance your business and support your marketing objectives.

Status Metrology Mobile App

Recognising the need to be leaders in their field and the implications of Industry 4.0, Status Metrology asked 4thWall to develop a mobile application that would enhance customer satisfaction and be a great marketing tool.

The app was designed using the Unity platform and includes helpful features such as Fault Tracking, Configurable room layouts, and links to useful customer information and videos. The app also has an Augmented Reality feature which can be used by engineers to access quick fault tree data.
The client is able to update his information via a powerful but easy to operate Content Management System.

Fault Tracker Mobile App

Mobile Engineering Application built in collaboration with 4thWall Virtual. Demonstration video filmed at the International Manufacturing Centre The University of Warwick.

Purpose of the App:
  • To support part of the life cycle of the production system which focuses on maintenance and operation.
  • The application can be used on mobile devices by maintenance engineers working directly on the shop floor
  • The application becomes a gateway for information from the physical system generated in real time e.g. – control information coming from sensors on the machine
  • Display of rich views such as 3D models, maintenance manuals for specific components in the machine, control cabinet views.
  • Gateway to aggregate different types of information and data to a rich view for an engineer to better perform maintenance , fixing operation or preventative maintenance.

High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

4th Wall Virtual collaborated with WMG the University of Warwick and FDS to create a mobile showcase app. The purpose of the app is to showcase the research capabilities of each of the seven HVM Catapult centres in the UK. The app features 3D interactive models and videos of the demonstrator areas at each of the centres.  A powerful database powers the content which can be updated by the client and allows for new research centres to be added.

4th Wall Virtual – Games Development

The 4thWall team have a profound understanding of how to create games experiences both for the Entertainment industry and to translate those skills to Serious Games for Industry and Education. Serious Games can be used for Employee Training, Customer product experiences, Health and Safety awareness and Branding opportunities. If you have an idea we can make it happen.

AppGen Application for You

The AppGen platform allows you to design and build a mobile app to showcase your products and services. AppGen is perfect for any business that wants complete flexibility to design, build and update their app with new content. New content can easily be added via a simple CMS ( Content Management System ) so you can take advantage of new developments, events or product launches. AppGen will also publish your app to the Apple and Android Stores for you. If you don’t have the time to build your own app then our design team will be happy to provide you with a fully designed bespoke app. Get in touch and we can help you through the process. Go to the platform: www.appgen.eu

AppGen Additional Services:
  • AR and VR
    Our design teamcan help you create AR ( Augmented Reality ) and VR ( Virtual Reality ) experiences for your app.
  • 3D modeling.
      Just supply us with your model reference and our team will create a high quality 3D model for you.
      We can work from drawings, sketches, Photographs , 2D or CAD or just an idea!
  • Interactive 3D Models
      We can turn your 3D models into fully interactive scenarios for products, buildings, people.
  • Games Development
       Our design team have experience in creating games for consumers and serious games for business.
If you have any requirements for content creation then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.
Contact: Michael Cocker :  mc@4thwallvirtual.co.uk