Creating virtual environments for real clients

4thWall create high quality interactive 3D visualisations for websites, presentations and mobile apps. Our 3D models and tours are used across many industries to showcase facilities and products and engage and interact with different audiences. Our 3D designers can work from 2D drawings, photographs, CAD / BIM files or we can create bespoke original concepts. Visualisations can be embedded with video, interactive hot spots, avatars, and web links to give a truly immersive and interactive user experience for websites or mobile app.

if you would like to talk with 4thWall Virtual about creating 3D models or animations of your facility, products or services then please contact us.

3D Interactive products assemble

Phoenix Vessel Technology wanted to demonstrate their product range to clients at exhibitions and for sales meetings. We created a series of 3D product assembly views which showed their clients how the vessels were made and the product build qualities. The 3D models were used on touch screen presentations at exhibitions, tablets for sales meetings on on their website.

The University of Warwick – Interactive 3D Floorplan

4thWall were commissioned to create a complete 3D model of the International Manufacturing Centre. We have modelled all the equipment and research facilities and created 360 3D tours with embedded information. Further facilities have been added as the centre has expanded.

3D model of bogie for Revolution Very Light Rail Project.

The main objective of the project is to reduce the weight and cost of a railcar by half in order to facilitate low cost connectivity of suburban and rural areas. The Radical Train will demonstrate unique self-powered bogies (with integral hybrid propulsion and kinetic energy recovery system) combined with a modular, lightweight body-shell utilising advanced materials.

ZapGO Animation

This animation shows the ZapGo EV and Grid Storage Solution.
 Energy is stored at filling stations that allows buffering of the electrical grid. The buffered energy can be stored off-peak or at night when electricity is cheap. EVs can then be recharged from this stored energy, not directly from the grid.

Yumi Robot 3D Animation

Commissioned by the Lanner Group the Yumi Robot demonstrates the versatility of robots on a production line.